John the DJ

DJ Professor Bass! There is nothing John enjoys more than keeping the party going with exactly the right music to keep his audience thoroughly entertained. John is very experienced as DJ and will always play the appropriate music to suit the audience. Whilst embracing new technology and able to perform downloads for any music requested in an instant at most venues, John prefers to mix the old fashioned way with CD players or spinning vinyl on his beloved Technics 1210 record decks. We have state of the art mixing desks, amplification and speakers and a full DMX controlled light show including moving heads and multiple co-ordinated Pangolin controlled laser displays. John is safety trained and qualified to conduct laser displays and is a member of the International Laser Display Assosciation (ILDA). We can cope with any size event and fit into the smallest of spaces if required. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!.

Live Music

We are able to provide full front of house mixing and frontline amplification and speaker systems for just about any kind of live performance. We have a sound system with over 50 kilowatts of power suitable for audiences of 5000 people.  We use a state of the art X32 digital mixing desk and have a comprehensive range of microphones, fold back monitors, IEMs & all associated cabling & stands etc. we also have our own stage for indoor events. we are experienced with indoor or outdoor concerts and music festivals. Our top of the range Danley loudspeakers feature an extremely tight "pattern control" and have the particular benefit of offering high output within the audience area with little bleed over of sound outside of the specific area. This is extremely advantageous for example in residential areas. We would be very happy talk through exactly what we are able to provide for your event.

Laser & Light Shows

John is a member of ILDA (International Laser Display Association) and is safety trained and qualified in the use of lasers for display purposes. We operate a multiple array of lasers, Pangolin software controlled and a full DMX light show with moving heads, various LED lighting effects, Par Can 64s, dry ice machines, bubble machines, smoke machines and snow machines etc. we have experience of using lasers outside and we will obtain a CAA license for your event. Just get in touch and we will talk it through with you.

Fully Mobile

Able to operate with no mains supply in a middle of a field.

Small Events

If you need a system for speech and maybe a little background music that is simple to operate and does not need a mains supply we have the answer! Suitable uses would be for example addressing an audience at an outside acoustic concert like a brass band. Fully water proof covers provided in anticipation of our English weather. Don't worry if you are not technically minded, these compact systems are very easy to use and full instructions will be given. Contact us for more details.


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