How It All Started?



How it all started...

Professor Bass Professional Sound Systems was founded by John Capon in 2012. Initially, the purpose was to provide a portable, reasonably large scale sound system that was easy to deploy and set up, with full communications and lighting facilities and able to generate an additional 1200 Watts of electrical power at 240 volts with no mains supply. The original purpose was to provide a sound system for the Honiton Twirlstars Majorettes as part of Otter Windows' sponsorship for them. And so the famous Citroen Berlingo sound van was created! Up and running in less than 5 minutes it's 3 kilowatt sound system has been used at countless events all over the region. In addition to the powerful sound and comprehensive lighting system the vans ability to produce a mains type electricity supply for many other purposes has proved invaluable. The vehicle is suitable for audiences of several hundred people. The largest audience we catered for was 1400.

The system is used for many events including carnivals for the Honiton Twirlstars Majorette troupe and several events for charities such as Hospiscare & The Devon Freewheelers.

If you are interested in using this system for an event we would be pleased to discuss your requirements and discuss it's capabilities with you.


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